Your Roseville Counseling And Therapist Suites
Lynch Business Center is made for professionals that use the office when they need it.
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Therapist Suite

The therapist suite is a private - sound proof office with a desk for testing, a couch and chairs. Allowing the perfect setting for you to test and work with your clients.

Conference Room

Rent when you need it conference room is tailored to your schedule. By creating block scheduling, you only pay for what you need.

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Mail Boxes

Using a business address helps you communicate with your client without giving out your home address. While our amazing location is convenient stop for your business mail.

Something for Every Professional

Made with mobile and home professions in mind, we have offices that range from a therapist suite to a conference room. Providing the right setting for you to work with your clients. Or with coworkers!


Sound proof rooms allow you the ultimate privacy, while very professional furniture gives your clients a reason to come back again and again.

Business Coaches

Coaching requires a professional setting, where expertise is matched by environment. Lynch Business Center provides that plus amenities to make every session stellar.


The beginnings of every startup requires the basics - a place to base your business, receive your mail and refer to as your place of work.

"My clients love coming to this office.  It has a warm inviting feel, and creates a very professional image !"

We have all been there. Sitting having a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, then you realize you are listening to every word of the persons conversation next to you. It is worse if you are one of those people talking - and someone nearby is listening in to what you are saying! 

For roughly the price of a cup of coffee, you could be sitting in your own office making your meeting private. Turning a prospect into a client.

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