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Affordable Therapy Office Space for Rent

The right office space can be as perfect a fit as wearing the right clothes. Some office spaces can feel too "cold" like wearing a tux everyone knows is rented. If you want your clients to see you as a professional, then you want to appear as though you aren't on a month-to-month lease. 

Instead, you want your space to look like you are in a long term commitment. And you don't have to have a lot of money to do just that. Here you can have a therapy office space for rent for a price that can easily fit your budget. 

As you see by the picture of our members' signage, on any given day they can come in and hang their sign on the office that they are using.  This appearance gives them increased value to their clients... and increased value is what you need to increase fees... or just close more business.  

Don’t have a custom sign? We’ve got you covered with a one-time fee of $30 for the printing of your custom sign.

Membership Base

Here at The Lynch Business Center, we employ pay per use pricing.
We have a number of different options you can choose from to meet your financial and client needs. Our services are offered with a small monthly membership fee and then you pay for the office space only when you need it. 

You can pay a base monthly fee of $25 and expand this as needed to include as many services as you would like to have. 

You can also access a mailbox at a rate of $25 per month, giving you a dedicated business mailing address. 

We have designed our fees this way to ensure that every budding entrepreneur has the opportunity to build and grow their business without expenses being a major deterrent. At these prices, you have the flexibility to access a professional space while not being tied down to a huge payment. 
Best of all, the hours roll over so you will always be able to use them in the future if you ever have some downtime. 

Hourly Fees
Counseling Office Space For Rent

Membership Base

benefits can expand to include anything and everything.

Mail Box



$25/hr office booking

Silver Package

$10/hr office booking
with block pricing of $100 for 10 hours
Saving $5/hr per hour session

Gold Package

$8/hr office booking
with block pricing of $240 for 30 hours
Saving $7/hr per hour session

Platinum Package

$5/hr office booking
with block pricing of $500 for 100 hours
Saving $20/hr per hour session

Your time block purchases never expire. This means that if you buy one of the blocks and don't use up all your hours, your remaining hours roll over to the next month. 

We understand that price is an important factor in the business center you choose. That is why we developed an attractive pricing plan that provides you with the best value for the money. The Lynch Business Center therapy office space for rent price is designed to meet your needs and to meet your budget.
Contact us today so we can get you started with the right plan. 



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