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When you look for office space in Roseville, CA, you might find anything from a location that is cheap but doesn't look very inviting to spaces that look great but are often out of your budget.  

This is why Lynch Business Center developed the concept of having a membership that allows you to only pay for the time you use. Yes, you heard that, no high monthly rent payment, just a small monthly membership fee plus you pay only for the hours you use.

Why Choose Us for Therapy And Counseling Space For Rent

We offer a useful means of conducting meetings, interviews and more in a private setting. You will love our professional, clean and respectable environment. Your clients will be positively impressed by your company and this can secure them for future business and help you reach others. We offer a comprehensive service with aesthetically pleasing surroundings along with the amenities to wow your clientele. Our office space is suitable for a variety of small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

It doesn't matter if you are running a non-profit or for-profit enterprise, we can help you save money while offering you a safe and secure location for you to meet the needs of your clients and even your employees. 

We are conveniently and centrally located with direct access by public transport, with a bus stop just steps away on Eureka Road. It could not be more convenient! But see what else you can expect from us.

Counseling Office For Rent With Comfortable Settings Set Your Clients At Ease

Stylish Offices that are Fully Furnished

How your client feels when they walk into your office sets the tone for the meeting. Our offices are purposefully built with a home feeling for ultimate comfort.

Our office spaces are fully furnished which is not something that all business centers can boast. This is a great benefit to your bottom line and an incredible boost to your professional image.
Not only are our offices furnished to be aesthetically pleasing, but the furniture is comfortable and made with high-quality.

A Fully Stocked Kitchenette

You won't have to pay out-of-pocket for having some basics to offer your clients when they come in to meet with you. It makes a great first impression for a client to come in and have a cup of coffee/tea, some juice or a bottle of water offered to them. Not only will your clients appreciate this, but it will be beneficial for you as well with your busy schedule and little time to grab a refreshment.

The Opportunity to Network

There are boundless opportunities to network when working from our business center. With many like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs, you never know who you will bump into on any given day. 

Simple hallway encounters and small talk can lead to a conversation that may be beneficial to you and your business. Our center can be a great breeding ground for collaboration, and when you're both renting space in the same place it's even easier to collaborate.

Membership With Us Equals Safety

If you are operating a company, especially a home-based business, do not use your home as your address. Depending upon your product/service you can make yourself vulnerable to those who would seek to violate your privacy. There is a reason addresses are not on sites like Facebook, it isn't who you know - it's who you don't.

Get a mailing address with Lynch Business Center

Business Mailbox

PO boxes and even national virtual offices give the consumer the feeling that you are only there temporarily. Find a place that allows your business to look established.

Our address tells someone whether you are an established company or not and our convenient location allows you to pick up mail easily. 

Counselling Office for Rent Suitable for Group Sessions

Central Location

The office is located in one of the best business areas in Roseville, CA. We are less than a 20-minute drive from your Folsom, Sacramento, Lincoln, Auburn and Roseville/Rocklin clients.

Our central location is ideal for a number of reasons. We are close to public transit and on a major thoroughfare, being very easy to access through private transportation, public alternatives and ride-sharing options.

Access to Our Support and Administrative Staff

One of the main benefits of working with us is the access you get to our staff. If you can’t hire an entire team of employees you can get some assistance from our internal staff. Our admin staff can receive messages on your behalf and our support staff ensures that meeting spaces are always ready for you. 

You will never have to worry about equipment failing you and leaving your presentation or meeting in a bad state. If you experience downtime due to equipment or other facility-related failures, we will work to remedy the problem right away. This can give you the peace of mind to focus on what matters the most - your clients and customers. 


When you consider all factors in choosing Lynch Business Center for your therapy and counseling space for rent, you can save a significant amount of money. This money can then be put back into your business to achieve potentially greater returns that you can use to grow.  

Here at Lynch Business Center, we welcome you whether you have already built up a reputation in your respective field or if you are just starting out. Find out more about your stylish and high-end office options that can help you meet your business goals and needs.
Improve your practice today by choosing a counseling office for rent from the Lynch Business Center!

Improve your practice today!

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